By their very nature of being social organisations, clubs know other clubs. Some clubs are trailblazers that others look to, for inspiration and best practice. Maybe that's your club.

With the launch of our Payzip Affiliate Programme, we're now able to make those relationships a source of income for your club, at no additional cost to you or them.

When you introduce a club to Payzip, whenever they receive a card payment (including Apple Pay and Google Pay), we'll pay you 10% of the Payzip service fee (terms apply). Every time. For as long as that club uses Payzip. There are no limits to the number of clubs you can sign up, no caps on the amount you can earn, and it really is for the lifetime of the club's Payzip account.

You can use that commission however you want - to support your grassroots activities, supporting your members' choice of charity, reducing tour costs for everyone - it's up to you.

You'll get your own dashboard where you can track the clubs you have introduced, and see the commission being earned from each. Commission is paid weekly too, so you can start benefiting from the programme right away.

With clubs now returning to training and competition, many will be reevaluating how they organise their club, so now is a perfect time for them to consider using Payzip to simplify their member payments.

Joining the programme is free and doesn't commit you to anything. We'll help you with material and resources about Payzip too, so what do you have to lose?

Read more and sign up at